Thursday, September 5, 2013

When mad - paint rabbits!

Do you know the feeling when you've been working on something in the computer for a while and then something happens, kind of like out of the blue - and boom - your stuff disappears!  Or it's somehow mysteriously ruined - and it's totally NOT your fault!  At least that's what you tell yourself....  

Well, that happened to me last night.  At the final meters of my deadline, the piece I'd been working on for almost two days somehow got so seriously messed up in the computer, that I basically had to start all over again.  I'm sure you can imagine the frustration! I was in total disbelieve that it'd happened!  At first I got really angry at my stupid Photoshop, then at my stupid computer, then mad at me, then at just about everything!

At that moment I found a piece of paper that I'd scanned in probable about six months ago.  And I started painting the rabbit on that piece of paper.  "Stupid rabbit" I grinned.  But you can't really stay mad when painting a little innocent rabbit that had nothing to to with my document being ruined.  So I got happy again. 

So here's my advice to you my friends - when mad - paint rabbits!

Lára had drawn two rabbits on that piece of paper - so here you can see her version of a happy rabbit :)

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lindsey said...

I wish my happy rabbits were as cute! xo