Monday, July 22, 2013

A feature in dpi magazine (Taiwan)

I was honored to be featured in the latest issue of the Taiwanese magazine 'dpi'.  They were kind enough to give me three whole spreads to ramble about my picture books, stamps and Iceland.  It was just delivered to my house a few days ago, all the way from Taiwan and I think it turned out real nice...although it's always a little (reads as "very" ) awkward to read an interview with yourself, ha!

Monday, July 15, 2013

News & grey but good Summer

Hi there, hope you are having a splendid Summer!  

I have some news!  I'll be doing three more books for the Silver Penny series from Sterling!  Yay!!!  The first one, Thumbelina, is already in stores and online.  I'm so excited to start working on the next book later this Summer.  Also I'm working on a young readers book for the Icelandic Publisher, Forlagið, so it looks like another busy winter ahead, which sounds just fine to me :)

I've been on a little vacation for the past two weeks or so.  It always amazes me how easily you can say goodbye to the daily routine and forget about the things that you do day to day.  We just said goodbye to dear fiends we've been having from San Francisco.  We had a blast with them, acting like tourists and tour guides in our own country.  We'll miss them and hope to see them again sooner than later.  

Here are just a few photos from the Summer so far.

That's a common sight this Summer, grey skies, monster clouds and splashes of rain here and there.  Not always as
pretty as on this picture...

Lára on the balcony in the sun (did I say sun? Yes, we had some sun, for ONE day!)

Well, that's what I call a good use of one parking spot!

Lára near Geysir

Nephews and friends at the end of the day (making sure they hide each others team logo on their shirts ;)

We saw a wonderful art show in Akureyri by the artist Aðalheiður S. Eysteinsdóttir

Lára loved it too!