Thursday, November 2, 2017

2017 Christmas Stamps for the Iceland Post

I was very honoured to be trusted with creating the 2017 Christmas Stamps for the Iceland Post.  Early this year I forced myself into the christmas spirit and made these three illustrations that will finally see the light of day today, November 2nd!  I love christmas, so being in the Christmas mood in March wasn't all that difficult.  I got the help of the brilliant designer, Jónas Valtýsson at Studio Erla & Jónas to assist me in the design process.  Thank you Jónas!!!

I wanted to capture the joy, beauty and excitement of the season through children.  I feel like this time of the year is their moment, the magic of the holidays doesn't get any more sincere than through the eyes of children.  

I also wanted to portrait the holiday tradition of putting shoes on the window sill 13 days before Christmas.  In Iceland we have thirteen Yule Lads or Santa Clauses.  They arrive in town, one by one till December 24th.  Children put their shoes on the window sill and when they wake up in the morning, some little treat will have magically appeared in their shoe, that is, if they have behaved well.  On those nights, it can get quite difficult to fall asleep....

So, here they are, from 1st scan to finished stamps and sheets.  Now go write a Christmas card!

1st. scan

1st. scan

1st. scan

FDC Envelope and the Publication Stamp