Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Preparing for NYC

Hello there!  I've been so busy lately planning my upcoming trip to NYC in the beginning of February.  I'll be attending the SCBWI Winter Conference as well as having a few meetings with publishers.  There are so many things to prepare for this trip, one of those was to update my website (check!) as well as preparing my portfolio, postcards and business cards (almost there).   

But I've just finished two dummy's for stories that I wrote and I'm the most excited about bringing them from the comfort of little Iceland all the way to New York. The little girl here above is one of many characters from one of the stories.  And the little boy here below is from the other story.

So, wish me luck will you?   

You couldn't say 'No' to that guy, could you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year - Updated Website - New Works!

I just updated my website with new works!  And it was about time, really!  So much has happened since the last time I added new works to the site.  And this time I added a 'books' folder, cause now I have a few books to brag about ;)  Check it out here:

My updated website is just one piece in the puzzle in planning and preparing for my upcoming trip to NYC in February where I'll be attending the SCBWI Winter Conference as well as meeting with a few publishers. Very excited and happy to be accompanied to NY by my ever so supporting husband, who has the honour of designing, programing and keeping my website alive.  Thank you so much Eggert!!!  

Below are a few new images from The Beauty & the Beast that came out just recently, published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.  Many, many thanks to the wonderful people at Sterling which was a pure pleasure to work with.

Happy 2015! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Myndskreyttu dagatölin 2015 / 2015 Illustrated Calendar

This lovely feature was in the paper today :) 
Þessi fína grein blasti við mér í Fréttablaðinu í morgun :)

Vegna fjölda fyrirspurna um myndskreyttu dagatölin þá er hægt að panta þau með því að senda mér skilaboð í gegnum Facbook síðuna mína (Linda Olafsdottir Illustration & Fine Art) eða í gegnum email:

Aðeins 3500kr. dagatalið, en 3000kr.stk. ef keypt eru fleiri en eitt stykki.  Sendi frítt um allan geim í desember! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Two New Books and an Illustrated Calendar for 2015

Hurray to the joy of putting so much effort into finishing something, and then a few months later to see it out in the world - with your name on it!  Kind of like having a baby,....but not really, not even close actually, but pretty awesome anyways!  

Two books that I illustrated were published in the same week in November; Töfraflautan, by Mozart, written by Edda Austmann (published by Töfrahurðin) and Mói Hrekkjusvín - Misskilinn snillingur, by the oh so brilliant Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir (published by Forlagið).    

Although very different from another, I very much enjoyed illustrating both books.  Töfraflautan is a picture book with lots of colorful illustrations and Mói Hrekkjusvín is a young readers book with b&w illustrations of Mói and his friends, one of the funniest group of people I've ever read about.

I'll post some interior illustrations from the books soon, when I don't have so much to show and tell ;)

This year I decided to do something new for the holidays, not a Christmas Card but an Illustrated Calendar for 2015.

See what I did here?  I put a bird on it!  Every single month!

The 12 months of 2015 are printed by a Eco labelled Printing company in 250gr sheets of smooth yet sturdy paper (14x23cm/9x5.5").  It can be hung on the wall by the included metal clip, it can stand by itself on a shelve on your kitchen counter, in your office, bedroom, sailboat, wherever you prefer.  As the year goes by, month by month, you can cut off the illustration and frame it, use it as a greeting card or frisbee.  

To order one, send me a message through Facebook or email me: 

Only 3.500ISK / $30 for one calendar or 3.000ISK / 25$ if you buy two or more, and,...wait for it,...FREE SHIPPING on the calendar and all my prints (see here) !!! 

 Happy December!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Port í Hafnarstræti // Alleyway in Hafnarstræti

Here's my newest painting.  It shows the corner of Hafnarstræti & Pósthússtræti and this lovely restaurant called Hornið (in English it would be The Corner).  Don't you love the color of that house?   I also love this part of town, with all the different architecture and the hidden alleys.  

Below you can see a little bit of the process of this piece. 

In other news - two of the books that I illustrated are coming out this week!  Yeek!  Cheers to that!  Stay tuned and stay cool :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Soap & Summer

Too soon for this?  Ha!  Well, if you wanna be clean and smell divine this Holiday Season, stay tuned for this baby I illustrated for Sápan (, it hits the shelves in the coming weeks.

So I'm still trying to face it that summer came and went, probable faster then ever.  Might be because of the crappy weather we had.  But still, it was lovely, really.  Going through the summer photos, I only see smiles.  Smiles despite of that weather, cause it was spent with the loveliest people.

A big smile with Sara, my dear friend who came with her family all the way from San Francisco to visit us.  The weather didn't stop her from being the only person not wearing long pants the whole time she was here.  Probable the only person around with bare legs.  But hey, if you've got those legs it's really a no-brainer!

Smiling with my best friend & cousin Sigga Lára when travelling around the West Fjords to visit the place our family comes from.

A modest smile from Lára (on the right) & Sigga Lára's daughter, Rebekka Myrra (left)

I kind of smile in this one, right?  Acting artsy visiting the house my grandmother grew up in


Smiling kids in a gigantic rock

We celebrated Lára's 6th Birthday in a tent while camping in Ísafjörður. That's what you get when you are born in the middle of the Summer.

But she smiled and was happy with the cake from the bakery in Ísafjörður...

 ...she got to celebrate it properly with friends later that summer

I flew to NY where my father father was the captain, my brother the co-pilot and my sister the flight attendant.  Could I be any prouder in this picture?

I walked the High Line for the first time.  It was awesome!

A dinner with friends on a Wednesday night was one of the best nights of the summer - all smiles

We took silly photos...

...and asked a stranger to take a picture of us eating ice cream in the middle of the street.  (Am I really the smallest one in the group?)

Some people grew an inch or two...

...and we pretended we were on the beach in San Francisco (photo credit to Lára) 

Lára cleanded her room (no she didn't, I did)...

and we toasted for no reason with good friends and family

Dagur ran 10k in the Reykjavík Marathon with his cousin Kristján...

...and Lára started school!

What a swell summer it was.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Late Summer Day in Bankastræti

Late Summer Day in Bankastræti (45x61cm/17.5x24")

I'm starting this Fall by doing one of my favorite things - painting this city!  This is a view of Bankastræti, one of the prettiest streets in Reykjavík.  Taking the reference photo from my friends office in Austurstræti, I noticed this awesome wall painting I'd never seen before.  But then again, I don't often see this street from that angle, so it was a nice surprise.  I'm pretty sure I'll be visiting my friend in Austurstræti more often for photo reference - and for coffee :)