Thursday, November 28, 2013

!Prints - Prints - Prints!

Finally I've opened up my little shop of prints!  Feels like it took forever to put it all together.  But I'm happy with it!  I found the right paper, ultra smooth but textured creme-colored 300gms Z-Welt Offset paper (doesn't that sound delicious?).  I managed to get the right envelopes (with great help from friends in the US - takk!) and plastic sleeves to protect the prints when shipping.  All produced as "green" as possible with recycled material, printed at an Eco-Labelled Printing Company.

I'll for sure be adding more prints to my shop in the near future :)

If you are interested in getting a print, you can order through my Etsy store or contact me directly via email,


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Slippurinn - part two

This painting might look familiar to those who follow my blog.  Last year - actually just about a year ago I did a small painting from this same location.  Usually when I'm craving to paint something, I start painting it on a small canvas first and then decide if I want to make it bigger.  Before I painted this bigger I shot another photo from that same location (cause I didn't want to paint after the same exact photo).  

I love this spot in the city and I really think this wont be the last time I'll paint it.  I'd love to paint it during winter time, when everything is covered with snow ...if only I could drag myself out of the house with my camera during those dark winter days - sigh...

So, the other day when I was listening to the news on the radio, they were talking about a ship that was fishing herring (sooo interesting right?), but what do you know, they were actually talking about the same ship that I was painting earlier that day - this bright red ship in the painting called Heimaey-VE-1! And I was like - hey, I know that ship!   Don't know if that amused you as much as it amused me at the time, ha!   

This Saturday we are having our annual Open Studio!  Everyone is welcome!  I'll post some more info on that later this week - plus images from the hot from the press new prints I was just making!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rainforest Print!

Remember this little piece I posted a few weeks ago in black and white?

Well, isn't life prettier in color?  

I'm preparing a little web shop for my prints!  I'm selecting the best paper for these babies, stocking up on some nice flat envelopes to mail them in and creating some fun little extras to send along with the prints.  It's fun!  I'm already taking orders for this one and the Birthday print I posted last week (need a better name for that one, any suggestions?) The shop and prints will be ready by the end of the month.  So stay tuned :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When is my birthday?

On December 31st last year, my daughter Lára asked me what would happen in the new year.  I later almost regretted saying "Well, you'll turn 5 next year".

January 1st:  "When is my birthday?"
January 2nd: "When is my birthday?"
January 3rd: "When is my birthday?"

...and I guess you can imagine the rest.  I think Lára asked me every day for some time, then a few times a week after that, from January till July 21st - when she finally turned 5.  For 6 whole months she tried to imagine how much longer she had to wait for the big day.

"When's my birthday?"
"In July" I reply.
"When is July?"
"Well, now is February and it's Winter.  We'll have to wait till Summer comes".

In Iceland we celebrate the official first day of Summer in the end of April (I forgot).

In April:
"Is it Summer yet?"
Still snowing outside.
"Well, yes, I guess..."
"Is it my birthday?"
"...ahh...your birthday is in the middle of the Summer, so we'll have to wait a little longer, sorry..."

* SO, I made this little print for everyone who simply can't wait for their birthdays.  I sincerely hope it'll make it a little easier (also for the parents) to realise how much longer you have to wait when you can visually see the months you have to skip till it's FINALLY your birthday month!

* The print will be available in A3 format (11x16") upon request (also available in English)

Happy Birthday!!!