Friday, August 23, 2013

A lovely 'Thank you' & stu-studio

The other day I got a "Thank you" email from someone I don't know, for making this stamp.  I can't tell you how happy that email made me.  For someone to take the time to write a "thank you" note to someone they don't know must be one of the nicest thing you can do.  And to receive that "thank you" for this particular stamp, which I know would be extremely controversial in some countries, made me even more happy - it made my day and more :)  I think I'll be inspired by this person to do the same - say "thank you" more often, even to strangers.

I've always been so interested in seeing other artists studios and work spaces.  There's something sacred about them and so private.  I understand that people are not always ready to share it with everyone cause it is so personal.  I love my studio and happily spend my days there.  Here's a sneak peek of what my work space looks like today,..pretty close to deadline, so I'll only show you my desk and not what's behind that camera, cause it's a messsss....

#1: My Andy Warhol coffee mug (of course it's the #1 item in my studio)
#2: My laptop - an essential item but also an interruption
#3: My great grandmother's mustard yellow chair (I don't normally sit in it, but it looked better in the picture than my black office chair ;)
#4: My coffee thermos Eggert gave me
#5: Cheap Ikea lamp that comes in handy on dark winter mornings when I have a hard time opening my eyes
#6: Dagur & Lára, the most precious thing I have
#7: A birthday card of an old couple I got from Eggert
#8: To do lists - EVERYWHERE!
#9: Watercolors
#10: A beautiful flower print I purchased from the brilliant illustrator Rebekka Seale
#11: Breakfast
#12: Nutshell Library box by Maurice Sendak
#13: You can't really tell what it is, but it's a bad print of a Vermeer painting I bought at an antique shop, I really love it
#14: A drawing by Dagur of him running the Reykjavík Marathon

...and that's it! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A hike over Laugavegur and working on a new project

Did the summer vacation have a grand finale or what!  I came home late Monday night after a three day hike over Laugavegur, from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk with a group of 19 brilliant women, all wearing the reddest lipstick they could find, paired with the reddest nail polish and the brightest red roses in their hair.  I'm so high after that trip.  I'm in awe of my beautiful country.  I'm inspired after spending that time with these 19 awesome ladies and I can't believe I actually managed to walk these 55km without giving up, ha!  

My favorite part of hiking is the moment when you've been walking for a while only looking at the trail in front of you so you won't trip, and then you finally look up to see where you are at and this is what you see:

"This is so AWESOME!" was a sentences you constantly heard in the group!  

After the first day of hiking for 8.5 hours, we celebrated with a glass of champagne.  I swear, champagne has never tasted that good.  

And after the second day of hiking for 6 hours we celebrated with a glass of Sangria.  Also, the best sangria I've ever had.

Can't you see how happy I am with all that stuff?  Nature, sangria and my dear friend Svava.


Me and my friend Hulda, seriously liking this whole thing.  Can't wait till next years hiking trip!

Phew... so back to reality now ;)  I'm working on a really fun book series for an Icelandic Publisher. The illustrations will be black and white except for the cover.  I'm enjoying using only my pencil and having the drawings a little "raw" and alive.  This character here is not a part of the book but I found her in a sketchbook and used her as an inspiration for the style I'm working in.  She's got some attitude doesn't she?

Hope your summer's been lovely!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet Summer - second half

Back in reality after a really, and I mean really nice summer vacation.  Although I love being on a vacation and away from the things you normally need to do every day, I celebrate the daily routine that comes with longer shadows, wind and rain, candle light and home made meals.

I haven't said goodbye to summer yet though for this weekend it'll be it's grand finale when I go on a three day hike with a group of mighty fine ladies.  Wish me luck will you?

Here are just a few photos from the second half of the summer.  

Could this be any nicer?

A hike above Seyðisfjörður

Mr. & Mrs's Einsdæmi/Seyðisfjörður

I payed the room's rent in Einsdæmi/Seyðisfjörður by leaving the owners
this painting - in the hopes of them being willing to have us over many,
many more times in the future ;)

The three striped cousins above beautiful Borgarfjörður Eystri

Dagur & Lára in Jökulsárlón

Sunset at Jökulsárlón; No words - or filters needed 

And this little lady turned FIVE and got a big girls bike!
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