Thursday, June 19, 2014

An update: New book, Ibby award, studio, tweed & hot river (in that order)

Hello!  Been a while!  
I feel like I've been jugglin' about a million different things lately.  One of them is illustrating the next book in the series about Mói Hrekkjusvín.  Again, I'm so enjoying illustrating Mói and his friends.  The story is just hysterical!  It's coming out this Fall - so stay tuned!  In the meantime, here is a little spot from inside the book.  Mói's hand can be seen there at the bottom.  He's adorable annoying to most everyone he meets.

In other news:

I was honoured to receive Ibby's Vorvindar award this Spring!  I am truly overwhelmed by the honour.  And especially accepting them after such a wonderful speech about my work by one of my illustrating idols, Áslaug Jónsdóttir.  :)

...and Lára and I thought this deserved an "award-selfie"

I've been organising my home studio.  One of the perks of freelancing is being able to work from wherever I find a desk basically.  Since my son Dagur is out of school for the summer, I decided to work from home instead.  And I like that, a lot.  The pile of laundry in the hallway I don't like as much...

 - desk clean - 

- desk at work (I like that my kids are watching me work, making sure I don't waste my time) -

Finally after 12 months of waiting, it was Reykjavík Tweed Ride again.  
And this year, Dagur joined us.  Wearing tweed of course.

And the weather was perfect.  

And I've started to prepare for my yearly hiking trip.  A must in the preparation is soaking in a hot river with an ice cold beer.  

Enjoy your summer!!!