Wednesday, September 28, 2011

View from the Tower

"Paint what excites you!", is probable one of the best advice I got in art school. If the subject doesn't excite you, just forget it, it'll be a struggle from the beginning to the end, so you might as well spend your time on something else.

There is something about roads, traffic jams and the view from above that excites me. I like trying to see the beauty in these often ugly man made sculptures we usually don't consider anything that pleases the eye.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Sunday Shower

When I lived in San Francisco I was lucky enough to experience a tradition we don't have here in Iceland; a Baby Shower! A group of my dear friends threw one for me when I was pregnant with my daugther Lára and I knew right away it was a tradition I wanted to take back home with me (along with Halloween and talking to strangers (which is another tradition or a habit not too common here ;))

So today I had the loveliest Sunday of all as we celebrated my friend Elfa and her little boy, scheduled to arrive in just two weeks, or less (she hopes)...

Congrats my dear Elfa on the soon to be fourth little dude, you brave woman!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Late Summer at Bergstaðastræti

Every time I get the chance, I do a cityscape. It's such a welcomed feeling to take a break from the 3B pencil and Nr.0 brush I use for my illustrations and just make a little mess in my studio. Plus, I never get bored of my lovely city in it's everchanging colors and shades.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What fun... was to finally have all my paintings ready, framed and hung for everyone to see! Here are some photos from my show. Special thanks to everyone who came to see it and to everyone who helped me out every step of the way, could not have done this without you (you know who you are ;)

a quick cappuccino before the guests arrive

my little helper

everything looks prettier on a turquoise surface ;)

Dagur chose the illustration for the letter 'J' for his room

part of the showroom

part of the showroom also showing some sketch work and process

lovely guests having fun at the opening

...and last but not least the my greatest creations of all...