Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My hands were just about shivering when I opened the golden envelope delivered by the postman to my studio on Friday.  It had the first proofs of the stamps I've been doing for the Iceland Post.  

Ok, I'll just say it, I think they are awesome!  Now just some minor changes and then off again to the printers.  So, in May my friends,  you can start sending out those letters you've been meaning to send for years.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about creating the stamps was designing the patterns for the sheets. Every sheet has it's own pattern that relates to the festival on the stamp.  I think I might start doing some more patterns for fun.  So far they've ended up up stamps and baby clothes, so, there's really no limit to what you can do, right?  ;)  

Bræðslan - Church Windows
Aldrei fór ég suður - Vestfirðir
Fiskidagurinn mikli - Bowls of Soup
Hinsegin dagar - The Rainbow Flag
Þjóðhátíð - The White Tents

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sketches of little ballerinas

I think I'm not the only one thinking that little ballerinas are just amongst the prettiest things in the world! My daughter started ballett lessons this Winter, and I have to admit that the first day when I dragged her crying into the ballett room, I wasn't sure who I was doing this for, her or me, ha!  But these little creatures in their pink dresses with their hair bun learning to dance ballett, oh my!  I asked Lára's teacher if I could sit in one corner of the classroom and sketch, and happily so it was fine with her.  And the hour I sketched passed way to quickly, so I'm going to grab the opportunity to sketch again next week.  Can't wait!   

These are some of the sketches I did earlier this Winter.  

...oh, and Lára loves her ballett lessons now!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Illustrations from Thumbelina

Hello there,

I'm very excited to share with you these two illustrations from Thumbelina, which I illustrated for Sterling Publishing, to be published later this year.  Along with many other fun projects, it pretty much made my year to have the fortune to work with the people at Sterling on the twenty illustrations for Thumbelina.  Right now I'm working on the Princess and the Pea, also for Sterling.  Fun times ahead with fluffy dresses, a somewhat desperate prince, a queen and a king, castles and a tiny little pea!  

Lily Pad ©Sterling Publishing Inc.

Underwater ©Sterling Publishing Inc.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I was to tired last Tuesday to blog, plus, the first day of the year you really shouldn't do anything but sit on the couch with your loved ones, eat good food and enjoy being sleepy.  So here are a few photos from our holidays.  Next week; some new illustrations :)

A Santa and a Princess spent Christmas morning watching cartoons.

The Thirteen Icelandic Santa's came by our house, one by one and gave the kids some treats in their shoes while they were asleep.  The thirteenth one, Candle Stealer is generous as always and while the 4 year old snored in bed, he snuck a few things in her shoe he knew she'd love.

Finally I must share with you this scene which I love of our chaotic living room.  It's taken after all the presents had been opened, of which amongst many good things revealed a pink drawing table for the princess.

Hope your holidays were merry and that you will have the most splendid year ahead!  Hurray to 2013!