Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Preparing for NYC

Hello there!  I've been so busy lately planning my upcoming trip to NYC in the beginning of February.  I'll be attending the SCBWI Winter Conference as well as having a few meetings with publishers.  There are so many things to prepare for this trip, one of those was to update my website (check!) as well as preparing my portfolio, postcards and business cards (almost there).   

But I've just finished two dummy's for stories that I wrote and I'm the most excited about bringing them from the comfort of little Iceland all the way to New York. The little girl here above is one of many characters from one of the stories.  And the little boy here below is from the other story.

So, wish me luck will you?   

You couldn't say 'No' to that guy, could you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year - Updated Website - New Works!

I just updated my website with new works!  And it was about time, really!  So much has happened since the last time I added new works to the site.  And this time I added a 'books' folder, cause now I have a few books to brag about ;)  Check it out here:

My updated website is just one piece in the puzzle in planning and preparing for my upcoming trip to NYC in February where I'll be attending the SCBWI Winter Conference as well as meeting with a few publishers. Very excited and happy to be accompanied to NY by my ever so supporting husband, who has the honour of designing, programing and keeping my website alive.  Thank you so much Eggert!!!  

Below are a few new images from The Beauty & the Beast that came out just recently, published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.  Many, many thanks to the wonderful people at Sterling which was a pure pleasure to work with.

Happy 2015!