Monday, September 7, 2009

New Works!

I´ve just updated my website with all the illustrations I have been working on this Summer. I´m so glad it´s finally out there, and out of my hands :)
Check it out :

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New works

I´ve just finished my first book! I just turned in the paintings so now I´ll just have to wait to see the actual book. I´ve had a lot of fun with this project, although it´s been tough on times combining painting with family life. I´ve found out, more than once in the last couple of months that these things don´t always get along so great. But it´s funny that once the project is done, you feel like it wasn´t so hard to get through, though you know in your head that it´s not entirely true... But I owe everything I do to my very and supportive husband and children who cheer me on and help me out more than you can imagine.

I´ll be having a show on my illustrations, opening this Thursday September 3rd. It´s at Gallery 79 New Montgomery St. in San Francisco. I´ll be showing my illustrations from the book I just completed, as well as my final project from the Academy. It´s open through September, so please stop by if you get the chance.

I´m in the process of updating my website with new works, so stay tuned...