Monday, December 13, 2010

Up & Down & All Around, Illustrated Calendar 2011

I've been working with a team of girls on creating a calendar for the year 2011. We are a group of 6 working illustrators who just love to draw and draw and draw and decided to do something fun together! Here is a sneak peak of the calendar we just finished. My friend Helga Theodors designed it for us and did such a great job (thank you Helga!). Can't tell you how excited I am to finally run my fingers through the finished product by the end of the year.

The theme of the Calendar is; Up & Down & All Around 2011

Featuring Illustrations by:

Angela Dominguez

Angela Willetts

Kellie Charlton

Lindsey Manwell

Linda Olafsdottir

Sun Young Yang

The calendar is 4.5" x 9.25". Calendar printed # 100 Cardstock (Imagination Paper Cover White) Each Calendar is enclosed in a clear envelope, and sealed.

If you are interested in purchasing a calendar, please send me an email to:

May the year 2011 be a very Happy Year!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Calendar

I just finished illustrating a Christmas Calendar for an Educational Publisher in Iceland. These are two of 13 illustrations from that project. In Iceland we actually have 13 Santa Clauses and they have a few siblings and two very strange parents. They live in the mountains but come to town one by one 13 days before Christmas to give all the kids some treats. The girl who's ice-skating is one of their sisters, and the troll with the apple is their mother, named Grýla. She is evil to say the least and eats kids who!!!

More Santa's to come so stay tuned....