Friday, August 29, 2014

Two New Books: Mói Hrekkjusvín & Töfraflautan!

The next book about Mói Hrekkjusvín is coming out soon!  It's the second book in the trilogy about Mói, written by Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir, published by Forlagið.  I'll share the cover and a few more interior illustrations soon,....but man, that character...I'm not sure if I'd want to live next door to him, ha!  But people like that sure make life more interesting,...and fun!  He really, truly is just like the title for his next book is, "a misunderstood genius"!   

Also coming out this winter is Töfraflautan (The Magic Flute) by W.A. Mozart, published by Töfrahurðin.  The day the book comes out, The Icelandic Opera in collaboration with Harpa and Töfrahurðin will perform The Magic Flute in Harpa as a special children's opera.  Can't wait to see it!  I'll share more images from the book later, but for now, here is one interior illustration and the endpapers from the book :)                     

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The epic hiking trip

Photo credit on all images goes to the brilliant Kolfinna Snow

Although it's still August, it feels like summer is aaalmost coming to an end, life's getting back into routine and I catch myself starting to prepare for the winter ahead.  And to organize!  Late August for me is all about organizing (which consists of cleaning, getting the kids to bed and out of bed at a reasonable hour...and reading cook books).  

But Fall also comes with excitement of what's ahead.  New projects and challenges.  

So when I finally had the time to sit down and write a little post here, I thought I'd reflect on what's been going on this summer and share some new work with you.  But....then I started to browse through the photos and found so many brilliant ones from my yearly hiking trip (Photo credit to Kolfinna Snow). So I thought I'd just share those today.  The work stuff can wait.

The trip, short ; it was awesome!!!  

The start of "Vatnaleiðin", a three day hike (in total ca.54 km.)

Along the way we watched some encouraging video messages 

This years walk had an Indian theme in food and decoration and we celebrated the philosophy of the great Gandhi

It's not an option, it's a must to wear a bright red lipstick...

....and to be fashionable, according to the theme of course

Hildur beauty 

No caption needed, right?

Almost at the final destination on day one...

There was no way to resist this ice-cold thing when we came to the cabin...

...or to take part in the ever so scientific Champagne/Cava/Sparkling-Wine blind wine tasting event

I'm proud to be the honour DJ in all our walks - and it seemed like people liked dancing to Benny Lava and friends

 Sigga, Elísabet and Elfa beauties!


Festive accessories are a big part of our trip accessories are also essential

Ms. Selma with a tray full of ice-cold Bombay Gin (got to say it tastes pretty amazing after a 22km hike)

Another brilliant video message


The food was not too shabby

Svava beauty


We laughed so much it hurt

Ready for day three

for Gandhi of course

Erla found an egg

At the end of this road, the bus waited for us, and as tired I was and happy to see it, I was also sad that it was over....till next year.  Thank you Kolla for the photos!  And thank you ladies for an epic trip!