Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Soap & Summer

Too soon for this?  Ha!  Well, if you wanna be clean and smell divine this Holiday Season, stay tuned for this baby I illustrated for Sápan (, it hits the shelves in the coming weeks.

So I'm still trying to face it that summer came and went, probable faster then ever.  Might be because of the crappy weather we had.  But still, it was lovely, really.  Going through the summer photos, I only see smiles.  Smiles despite of that weather, cause it was spent with the loveliest people.

A big smile with Sara, my dear friend who came with her family all the way from San Francisco to visit us.  The weather didn't stop her from being the only person not wearing long pants the whole time she was here.  Probable the only person around with bare legs.  But hey, if you've got those legs it's really a no-brainer!

Smiling with my best friend & cousin Sigga Lára when travelling around the West Fjords to visit the place our family comes from.

A modest smile from Lára (on the right) & Sigga Lára's daughter, Rebekka Myrra (left)

I kind of smile in this one, right?  Acting artsy visiting the house my grandmother grew up in


Smiling kids in a gigantic rock

We celebrated Lára's 6th Birthday in a tent while camping in Ísafjörður. That's what you get when you are born in the middle of the Summer.

But she smiled and was happy with the cake from the bakery in Ísafjörður...

 ...she got to celebrate it properly with friends later that summer

I flew to NY where my father father was the captain, my brother the co-pilot and my sister the flight attendant.  Could I be any prouder in this picture?

I walked the High Line for the first time.  It was awesome!

A dinner with friends on a Wednesday night was one of the best nights of the summer - all smiles

We took silly photos...

...and asked a stranger to take a picture of us eating ice cream in the middle of the street.  (Am I really the smallest one in the group?)

Some people grew an inch or two...

...and we pretended we were on the beach in San Francisco (photo credit to Lára) 

Lára cleanded her room (no she didn't, I did)...

and we toasted for no reason with good friends and family

Dagur ran 10k in the Reykjavík Marathon with his cousin Kristján...

...and Lára started school!

What a swell summer it was.