Thursday, June 13, 2013

Promoting and "tweeding"

For the past few weeks I've been working on some self promotion.  Wether you like it or not, it's a part of the job, and sometimes it can be a nice little break from the every day routine.  You just put on a different hat and I kind of pretend I'm not myself, if that makes any sense to you!  "Well, hello there, why don't you check out this Icelandic illustrator, blah, blah...." ...then I nervously press 'send' and take a large sip of my double expresso (or a glass of wine for that matter..)  

I just sent off a bunch of postcards, which I hope will find a home in someones hand that'll appreciate them,...and remember me!  It was nice to send the postcards with the stamps I made for the Iceland Post.  I could get used to only send postcards with my own stamps, ha!  

Thumbelina - just before her trip overseas.

I don't have an art work to share this week, cause I've been spending so much time on so many different things and not enough time on one or two particular things.  But I must share with you a few photos from the Tweed Ride that was held in Reykjavík a couple of weekends ago.  It is a day you bike around the city, wearing tweed outfit or just something really nice, no spandex please!  We (we as in me and my husband Eggert) went last year when it was held here for the first time and to say the least, we had a blast.  So this year, we'd been looking forward to this day for a whole year, and again, we had a blast!  

My view - not so shabby!


Eggert tweeding at Sæbraut

Me and Kjarri tweeding in the rain

Schwinn & Schwinn - true love

That view....phew!

It was really the perfect day, can't wait till next year!


Lena Viderö said...

Fínt að bregða sér í annan karakter við og við og við Kristinn ætlum að Tweedhjóla með ykkur að ári.

Anonymous said...

The card looks lovely, and I'm sure people who are lucky enough to receive one will hold them tight! The ride looks so fun and relaxing. Our local bike parade is called Tour de Fat, after the local brewery that organizes it, and their popular beer called Fat Tire. It has since gotten 'out of hand' with over 20,00 participating last year - have a look if you feel inclined:

Linda Olafsdottir said...

Frábært Lena, hlakka til!

Thanks Julie, what a nice thing to say :) I once went to the Tour de Fat in San Francisco, it was awesome! And I love Fat Tire ;)