Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Monster clouds in Reykjavík

I've been making a few cityscapes paintings lately.  I think my perfect work balance is to once and a while make a few cityscapes.  Paintings that I just do for my own joy, just some mindless painting, a peace of mind.  


I walked around downtown a few weeks ago to shoot some photo references for my paintings.  It was cold and windy although that particular day was supposed to be "The first official day of Summer".  Well, one told Summer.  

I love painting Reykjavík and I love painting what I think captures the spirit of it.  It's very Icelandic to see something like here above and below; a glimpse of the sun and perhaps a tiny bit of blue skies.  Sun hitting the houses, long shadows and some MONSTER clouds approaching.

Photo of Sæbraut

If you see Summer, can you please ask it to stop over, even if it's just for a little bit?

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Unknown said...

Simple Gorgeous painting!!! As for summer, it came loudly (or should I say hotly?) to NYC last week. I have no doubt it will come to you too :-)

Thanks for your lovely posts and congratulations on the Lindgren Aware nomination - most definitely deserved!