Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pretty things

This week - no art work, just the beauty of the tings around me.  

Akureyri greeted us beautifully when we went there skiing in February.

 Lára (right) and her cousin Bríet (left) didn't quite have the energy to ski all day, 

but they sure had a lot of energy at the cafe in downtown Akureyri.

Lára visits this statue every time we go for a walk at my parents summer house.  We found it in the field around someones cottage. Wonder how it ended up there.

We biked all around Reykjavík in the glorious Spring weather during Easter.


My bike.  I love it.

My city.  I love it.

Look how happy I am, I found a swing I fit into!

Relaxing at a café. 

Proud to call this gentleman my hubby for almost 8 years and boyfriend for almost 19 years
(gheez, we sound old).

Coffee is definitely the second best thing to drink after a bike ride.

Easter Sunday morning starts with chocolate as always.
Here's Dagur with his 'egg'.  

And Lára with her 'egg'.

Oh, and here it is; the crochet bed sheet I made for Lára.  
I shamelessly brag about it like constantly.

 Hope you are having a lovely Spring wherever you are.


lindsey said...

WHAT! You made that bedsheet!!! That is amazing. If I made that i wouls brag all day long too. SO fun seeing your world. I love how happy you make me. xx

Linda Olafsdottir said...

Love you LindS!!!

Anonymous said...

Er þetta í alvöru það fyrsta sem þú heklar??? Stórkostlega fallegt, gaman að sjá það fullgert
Birna Ruth