Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Flower Explotion

Yet again; Patterns!  I'm started to think I've been hit by spell or something, seeing a repetition in everything I do these days.  But you know, I think it's the beauty of my business!  Illustration can be used in so many ways.  And I especially love finding different uses for something I've already created.  

I'm in the process of updating my online portfolio and categorizing it again for the many different characters I seem to be possessed off.  Today when I was "cleaning" up my Pattern folder in the computer, I of course got distracted and started playing with these flowers.  They are something I did for the title page for the book 'In Grandma's Garden'.  And what do you know, they have now become a pattern!  

Spring Flower detail

My heart skipped a beat when I accidentally hit the black background color when assembling this.  It totally changes the pattern and I think might even like it better this way.  Happy accident?  

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Anonymous said...

Fallegt eins og allt sem þú gerir mín kæra!
Birna Ruth