Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thumbelina and Website Update!

It took me literally two minutes to race to the post office after I'd opened (torn up) the envelope from the Post saying I had a delivery there from Sterling Publishing.  Inside that little brown box were the first copies of Thumbelina!  

As you can see, I was in such a hurry to open that box that the photo is not even in focus.

And inside that box were ten copies of...tada....

Oh, I won't lie, it's a real good feeling to hold this in your hands.  I told a friend it's kind of like having a baby, cause after the months of carrying it, thinking about it, worrying about it, putting all your energy to it; it's here, your creation!  And you are darn pleased with it. 

...ok, it's nothing like having a baby, but still, I said that to my friend.  But I caught myself sneaking the book in  my bag when I left the house in case I met someone I knew and would casually drag it out of my purse "...well what do we have here, a book?!"

Here are two spreads from Thumbelina I haven't shared before.

Website Update
In other news, I've just updated my website; www.lindaolafsdottir.com!  My brilliant web-designing-developing-programming husband (whom I've been married to for eight years today!) put it all together for me.  I'm so lucky he's so brilliant at this and that he's willing to spend all the many hours and nights making it just the way I wan't it to be (although I'm not always sure how I wan't it to be).  He also made a mobile and tablet responsive versions of the website so it should be easier to browse through it on those devices.  I kept the same illustrative look I had before but changed the categories and added a whole bunch of new images. 

I'd love it you took a minute to check it out :)

Below are the illustrations I did for the new categories:

Website Update


Julia Kelly said...

How exciting-the illustrations look wonderful. If I bump in to you on the street I'd want to see the book!

Þorbjörn said...

Vel gert Linda... a solve ace.