Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Reykjavík Tweed Ride - New Painting

Reykjavík Tweed Ride 2013.  One of the best day of the year.  

For the past two years I've taken part in this glorious bike ride of well dressed people, preferably wearing tweed.  The reference for this painting was taken by my husband (I was riding next to him taking a picture with my crappy phone and almost hit that photographer right in the middle of the painting).

Once again I fall for the odd sight of seeing a ship on dry land.  Add the sight of seeing all the tweed-wearing bikers heading towards the ship, the flags, the crazy sky,....it's and understatement saying I've been looking forward to paint this : I've been craving it!

A good friend asked me the other day, "What do you like doing the most", meaning what part of my job I liked the most.  At that moment I was painting this, so the answer was easy; THIS!  Painting this exact painting.  I loved every minute I spent on it, and that's not something you can say about everything you do.  It's a blessing.  I was almost a little sad when I was done with it, kind of like how you feel once you've finished a good book.

Here are a few photo's from the past two Reykjavík Tweed Rides;



 ...and here's the one where I almost hit that photographer!

Next tweed ride in Reykjavík is less than two months away.  Ride with us!!!  

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lindsey said...

I can't wait for photos from this years ride on instagram! You are so stylish xx