Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last weeks event and new illustration: Commitment & Dedication

So this happened last week!  I handed the money I raised for SKB (Support Group for Children with Cancer) to Tjörvi Frey's brothers, Valdimar and Teitur (standing next to me on the photo above) at an event at Reykjavík City Hall.  Gheez, was I nervous or what! But the support from my family and friends who attended the event got me through it (thank you!) and boy did it feel good once it was over! I recommend doing such a thing :)  I slept well that night.  Not that my little friend in heaven isn't always on my mind, but I thought of him even more around this whole event, which felt really wonderful.

This piece here below was at a show on DesignMarch last weekend.  It was a group show where 30 designers where each given one word to illustrate.  The words where the 30 most beautiful words in the Icelandic language, according to a vote held earlier this year.  The word I got was "einurð".  In English it means "dedication" or "commitment".  So it was quite the challenge.  But since I'm not capable of illustrating anything unless there is a story around it (at least in my head), this is what I came up:

This gentleman's name is Einar.  He was not a tall fellow, but he didn't let his height get in the way of him doing what he loved the most: to cut out paper dolls.  He spent his whole life with great dedication and enthusiasm to cut out these little creatures, for his own pleasure.  That's how Einar rolled.  That's what made him happy.  Now that's commitment, right?

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