Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giving back

Every year I make the effort on using my art to give back to the community.  Frankly, I'm just so incredible grateful that art is such a big part of my life and that now I make a living out of it, it's my job!  It's a dream come true really.  So if I can do something good with my art other than to make myself and my client happy (hopefully), that's just the ultimate kind of happiness!


When I'd finished the first set of five stamps for the Iceland Post I thought to myself if I could make some use of the original paintings from the series and not just let it pile up somewhere in my messy studio.  So in collaboration with the Iceland Post I decided to offer all the towns that now have a their own summer festival stamp, to buy the original painting to support Styrktarfélag krabbameinssjúkra barna (Support Group for Children with Cancer).  Every single króna I'd get would go to these great organisation,...and that is because of this little guy...

Tjörvi Freyr Freysson

...isn't he just the most beautiful little thing?  Tjörvi is the son of our dear friends, Elfa and Freyr.  He was a beautiful little soul which sadly only got to be 2 and a half years old.  He was diagnosed with cancer when he was only one years old and died in 2007.  The saddest day of our lifes.  But his parents, brothers and family are such strong and wonderful people, they are simply amazing and I know they have both gotten great support from and given great support to the organisation I decided to donate to for this project.  

ok....tissue please!  

To make a long story short, all the towns I talked to said a big 'YES' to buying the paintings so tomorrow I'm handing Styrktarfélag krabbameinssjúkra barna a check for 365.748 kr at an event at Reykjavík City Hall.  Tjörvi's brothers will be accepting the check in their brothers name.  I can't wait!
I want to give a big, huge thanks to those who helped out in making this happen, The Iceland Post, Innrömmun Kópavogs, the towns of Borgarfjörður eystri, Vestmannaeyjar, Ísafjörður, Dalvík and the city of Reykjavík.   :)

Below is a illustration I did a few years back and gave to Tjörvi's brothers.  It's called 'Englaprinsar'.


Anonymous said...

Frábært hjá þér Linda mín :)

Anonymous said...

Maður tárast nú bara hérna í vinnunni og fær kökk í hálsinn.
Enn falleg hugsun og framkvæmd hjá þér elsku Linda, og frábært að bræðurnir fái að gefa þessa peninga til sjóðsins.

knúsar og kveðjur

Valdimar Samuelsson said...

Linda þú ert engill. Afinn.

lindsey said...

Love you LindA

Linda Olafsdottir said...

Ánægjan er öll mín, takk fyrir falleg orð :)

And I love you LindSEY!

Norman Watkins said...

What a wonderful life you're living! You're doing the thing you love, get paid for it and you give back and pay it forward. That is really admirable! Anyway, your artwork looks spectacular. I hope you get to help a wider range of individuals with what you do. All the best!

Norman Watkins @ Giving Works