Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reykjavík Culture Night Stamp

Well, hello there!  Happy New Year!  

I'm back to my blog, finally!  Last year I decided I'd try to blog once a week (which actually worked most of the time) and I found out I really enjoyed it.  Even though I'd be the only one reading it, I felt like it kind of put my work in perspective, for myself!   I often feel that too many days are spent not drawing, which can make me incredible irritaded!  But, looking back on older posts, I see that I've actually been drawing A LOT the over the past year or so, even though I feel like I have to spend too much time on emails, errands and the most boooring part of this business, paperwork and finance, ha!  

After more than a month off my blog I'm happy to be back to share this illustration with you.  Last year the Iceland Post published five stamps in the Town Festival series.  This year they are adding five more to the list, releasing the series in May.  

So......let me introduce you to the first stamp in the series, my home town, Reykjavík Culture Night Festival!    

First drawing

Final Drawing experimenting with the layout

Final painting (the fun part)

And voila!  The outcome as it will look in the all the envelopes, postcards or love letters you will be sending this year!  

For every stamp sheet I create a pattern.  Below is the first pattern I made for Reykjavík Culture Night, and although it didn't make it to the final, I kind of like seeing Hallgrímskirkja repeated like that, on top of my favorite color ;)


lindsey said...

Love this- favorite one by far! I love her dress by the way... xo ps you are an awesome blogger and great job last year keeping up with once a week!

Anonymous said...

Einstaklega fallegt og skemmtilegt hjá þér eins og þér er best lagið. Kv. Frá Kali til ykkar!

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