Thursday, January 3, 2013


I was to tired last Tuesday to blog, plus, the first day of the year you really shouldn't do anything but sit on the couch with your loved ones, eat good food and enjoy being sleepy.  So here are a few photos from our holidays.  Next week; some new illustrations :)

A Santa and a Princess spent Christmas morning watching cartoons.

The Thirteen Icelandic Santa's came by our house, one by one and gave the kids some treats in their shoes while they were asleep.  The thirteenth one, Candle Stealer is generous as always and while the 4 year old snored in bed, he snuck a few things in her shoe he knew she'd love.

Finally I must share with you this scene which I love of our chaotic living room.  It's taken after all the presents had been opened, of which amongst many good things revealed a pink drawing table for the princess.

Hope your holidays were merry and that you will have the most splendid year ahead!  Hurray to 2013!

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