Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little fellow on Tuesday's Blog

I told you I'd be blogging every Tuesday, right?  So here you go!  My friend Angela Dominguez and I decided to both dedicate a part of our Tuesdays for updating our blog.  Knowing that my friend is a part of this new weekly routine will definitely encourage me to keep it up.  Angela's such an inspiring artist with lot's of beautiful work, so make sure you check out her blog and her website.

So, this little fellow is a part of a group of other little fellows which illustrate the Hringurinn Children's Hospital Fund's Christmas Card 2012.  I feel so honored to be the one to illustrate it this year and to help a little out with the wonderful work they do for the Children's Hospital.  Right now a large group of volunteers for Hringurinn are wrapping up the 100.000 copies they printed this year (yes, I said One-Hundred-Thousand!).    I'll be posting the full image soon :)

Detail from Hringurinn Children's Hospital Fund Christmas Card 2012

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