Monday, September 24, 2012

Thumbelina finals & Besla

Oh the feeling of seeing the end of a project, gathering the pieces to see the whole picture for the first time.  To be just as annoyed by some parts of the paintings as you are happy with some others.  To decide it's done and to decide your are happy with it, and a little proud of it.  And to pack it gently in a box and delivering it in person to...

 I was lucky enough that my dad (who flies for Icelandair) got a flight to NY during the time I had to deliver the final pieces for Thumbelina.  So I got to go with him for a 22 hour trip to NY! I met with the wonderful people at Sterling Publishing and showed them my finals.  It was lovely!  After the meeting it was speed walking, shopping and dining in the city.  The most perfect 22 hours.   Thanks dad!

Besla - Photo by Jenný Guðmundsdóttir
 In other news, my friend and Studio mate Brynja Emils just got the first outfits for her new collection Besla.  I designed a pattern for a part of the collection.  It all started at the Design March festival where Brynja and I decided to collaborate on a project.  I can't really believe that just a few months later the finished product is in the house, ready to be worn by little boys and girls, my little Lára... 

Lára wearing Besla

I'll post some illustrations from Thumbelina soon as well as photos and info on how to get Besla clothing, but in the meantime you can follow Brynja and Besla here.  You go Brynja!!!

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