Sunday, March 15, 2009

Looking out the window

Recently I was asked if this illustration of mine could be used as an inspiration for a blog for writers and poets. I agreed, curious of what would be written about my image. So on March 12th my illustration was posted and I have to say I was in awe of some of what was written. Usually I´m inspired by words when I create my illustrations, so it was a fun to see words added to my illustration. This is the blog:

Here is some what was posted:

Looking out the window
I ponder as I gaze
and wonder what the world will be like
when my children are my age
will we have made a change
will we be at peace
or will we just keep doing wrong
will the war never cease
looking out my window
upon the world I gaze
i hope that there will be peace
i hope that there will be change

by Vanessa Brantley-Newton


Yes i know i am young
but i have worries too

i have
manners to learn
lessons to read

i have to
control the anger
mind the tongue
learn a dance
sing a song

respect the teaching elders
love those teasing friends

forgive the younger brother
offer respects to the older

and when there is so much to do
i can not leave my worries aside

but atleast in these learning times
this couch and the window are here by my side...

by Sudharm Baxi


Lindsey Manwell said...

What a great choice for this- your image was so popular for writing contributions. Maybe it's because you are such a good writer, too...

Linda Olafsdottir said...

Thank you Lindsey, you´re so sweet. Can´t wait to hear what you are doing in your Creative Writing Class!

Miss Herbie said...

Sniðugt concept