Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chrismas Cards ' Lend a helping hand' & Besla

'Lend a helping hand'

The Chrismas Cards I did for Hringurinn Children's Hospital Fund have arrived!  All 100.000 of them!  Plus the cute little gift tags.  I feel honored to help the fine women at Hringurinn with this part of their fundraiser.  I must thank my friend Selma Rut for helping out with the layout and delivering the cards to the printers, thank you Selma!

I went to see the women at Hringurinn the other day as I wanted to give them the original painting of the Chrismas Card.  It was really lovely to meet them where they were hard at work preparing for the Chrismas Bazar held on Nov.4th.  I think I might have to join them some day :)

Guðrún and Sonja

You can buy the Chrismas Cards at the Hringurinn Children's Hospital and at many fine stores in Reykjavík and around Iceland.  For further information or to order a large amount of the cards please contact Sonja at or

In other news, things are rolling for my friend Brynja with her Children's clothing line, Besla.  This weekend she'll be at Handverk & Hönnun at Ráðhús Reykjavíkur where you can check out her beautiful line of clothes and other goodies and later this month the clothes with my pattern will be on a show in Japan! I know I've shared some photos of the Besla clothes before, but I just couldn't resist adding the newest photo of the Underwater Pattern I did for Besla.

Besla - Underwater Pattern.  Photo by Jenný Guðmundsdóttir

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