Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Painting Planes

The story behind this posts artwork is my grandpa. My grandpa really is the sweetest grandpa you could ever ask for. He's also the coolest grandpa I know (and I'm not just saying that, he is !). He's a quiet guy, always neat and a little tanned with his hair perfectly combed back. And back in the days, he used to be an airline captain.

Every now and then he and my grandma (which by the way is the sweetest grandma you could ask for) drop by my studio unexpected but always welcome. I really love their visits and it makes the rest of my day a better day when I see them. And in one of these visits my grandpa asked me if I could do a painting for him.

He asked me to paint three planes he flew for the airline Loftleiðir (the coolest airline) and combine them in one painting in the order of which he flew them. Luckily a little later I got to fly with my brother where I shot some reference photo's for the painting (yes, my brother is also a pilot,...and so is my dad!).

This piece it pretty different from most of my paintings, but I loved painting it and I loved giving it to my grandpa :)

From right: DC-6, CL-44 & DC-8

Reference shot, Skarðsheiði, June 2011

Cpt. Árni F. Ólafsson

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lindsey said...

LOVE this post. It's so happy- so YOU. What a sweet gramps. Cpt. Arni Olafsson just made my day!