Monday, September 5, 2011

What fun... was to finally have all my paintings ready, framed and hung for everyone to see! Here are some photos from my show. Special thanks to everyone who came to see it and to everyone who helped me out every step of the way, could not have done this without you (you know who you are ;)

a quick cappuccino before the guests arrive

my little helper

everything looks prettier on a turquoise surface ;)

Dagur chose the illustration for the letter 'J' for his room

part of the showroom

part of the showroom also showing some sketch work and process

lovely guests having fun at the opening

...and last but not least the my greatest creations of all...


Erna said...

Vildi óska að ég hefði getað verið þarna! Innilega til hamingju, hlakka til að sjá meira.

knús frá Kalí

Anonymous said...

Congratulation!!!!! ^__^ Wish I could be there to see your show!!!!!

L I N D S E Y said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! So amazing! Everything looks so beautiful. I too wish I could have been there. BIG Congrats. You also look so beautious Miss Leeeeenda. Love you!

Linda Olafsdottir said...

Thank you!!! - for my next show I'll give you more notice ;)

Recognize said...

Congratulations! So great to see the whole family and that your work is thriving! XOX

dark kristal said...

Congrats on your show. Seems like things are really going well for you.