Monday, March 15, 2010

Color of Age

I saw this lady at the bookstore the other day. Her hair had once been black but was slowly turning gray and was very white at the roots. I loved that she didn't bother to color it, black or white, but just let it grow naturally. But what I loved the most was that she wore a sweater that matched her hair perfectly, white at the shoulders and slowly turned black near the waist. It was such an odd sight I have to say. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera in the bookstore, so I started this drawing as soon as I got home.


creativeholly said...

HA! love the story...and the illustration.

Lindsey said...

so great linda! such a good moment captured so much better through your hand that with camera!

Linda Olafsdottir said...

Thanks girls :)

Lindsey, I actually saw that lady at that event you were at in Book Inc. the other day. You gotta love these true San Franciscans!