Monday, October 26, 2009

City Scapes

Bus on Jackson St.

Potrero Hill

Sacramento St.

I´ve been quite busy lately playing a business woman and planning my trip to New York in November. So I haven't been doing many illustrations, but once and a while I take a break from the computer and paint some city-scapes, my other passion in life. These paintings will be at the Tiny Show at Studio Gallery on Polk St. San Francisco, from Nov. 4th - Dec. 24th. So please stop by if you are around.


Birna Ruth said...

Hæ elskan, mig langar í svo margar myndir!!!! Þarf að fara að hringja og panta.... Love Birna Ruth

JenKeller said...

I have a guest in town this week so I'll definitely stop by and show off my super-talented friend.... These are great...!!

Linda Olafsdottir said...

Takk, takk...

I guess I have to stop by at the gallery too ;) Thanks Jen.

Adrien Bernard-Reymond said...

I've just checked out your cityscapes paintings on your website and I love them! Great mood, great touch & colors. It makes me want to visit SF!
What size are those canvas?