Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Drawings

I´m now starting on the paintings for the book I am currently working on. By the end of this month 9 pieces will be ready (seems crazy sometimes, but it´ll work out!). I´ve finished all the final drawings and posted three of them above.

On September 3rd there I´ll have an opening with three other artists at Gallery 79 New Montgomery in San Francisco. I´ll be showing illustrations from my final project as well as the paintings from this project. More info on that and more drawings and paintings to come...


Elfa said...

skemmtilega myndir hjá þér elsku Linda

Brynja said...

þetta eru æðislegar myndir hjá þér ,
er mjög hrifinn !!

James Parker said...

Marvelous artwork, Linda. I dropped by to thank you for providing the art, "The Emperor's New Clothes" for Every Photo Tells A Story. I submitted what I feel is quite an appropriate poem. Thanks again.